Plant Identification: Gloriosa Rothschildiana (Rothschild's Flame Lily)


Ficha Técnica

Nome científico: Gloriosa rothschildiana
Nomes populares: Garras-de-tigre, Lírio-trepadeira
Família: Colchicaceae

Dicas e cuidados sobre a Gloriosa Rothschildiana

Gloriosa Rothschildiana, also known as the gloriosa lily, is a unique climbing plant with herbaceous texture and tuberous roots. Its leaves are long and shiny with an interesting modification at their ends that turn into tendrils for attaching onto supports. It can grow up to 2 meters in height in warm months. Its flowers are the star attraction of this different plant—being single but having long stamens and curved petals that look like they’re reversed at the edges and bright yellow at the base while red at the tips—depending on type it can also have all yellow petals with even dwarf varieties. 

This lovely climber is excellent for annual cultivation to adorn ornamental fences, light trellises and grids, growing vigorously to give multiple bloomings each season. With cold climates, its tuberous roots must be taken off from the soil for proper storage during wintertime or else it will not survive. It needs to be grown under full sun or partial shade on well-drained, light soils enriched with organic matter which should be watered regularly. 

Gloriosa Rothschildiana is used for cut flower arrangements as well as planters and vases due to its adaptability and dislike of drought conditions. It propagates through seeds easily but preferably via separating its tubers after they go dormant in winter time; however shifting locations can bring more vigor each time you replant them!

Dicas e cuidados sobre a Gloriosa Rothschildiana

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